Ryan Reynolds Stays Grounded Because of 'Good Parents'

June 16, 2011 By:
Ryan Reynolds Stays Grounded Because of 'Good Parents'

Ryan Reynolds is back in the spotlight in the eve of his new movie, The Green Lantern.

Hollyscoop talked to Reynolds about the challenges the role brought on, and Reynolds told us:

" It was just the logistics of you know, the green screen stage. That's something I've never done before, so the fact that I got to create this living, breathing tactile universe around me was incredible when I first saw the film."

And when it comes to keeping it real in Hollywood, Reynolds told us, "I don’t know. I got good parents."

The Green Lantern also stars 23 year-old actress Blake Lively. Lively recently joked that she tried to sabotage Reynolds during filming.

"I would cook for the entire crew and I would try to lure him into eating some of the treats," she admitted. "Cupcake lollipops, fresh candies, homemade caramel and marshmallows covered in chocolate—stuff like that."

I'm less surprised that Lively tried to tempt Reynolds and more surprised that she can actually make all that crap.

"I was trying to sabotage him. I am a horrible person!"

I know she's joking, but, tempting someone with homemade caramel when they're dieting is pretty evil.

"He is going to sabotage me! He is going to spike my drink with cupcakes," Lively laughed. "No, luckily his suit was CGI, so maybe they can CGI my suit and get me a 12-pack. That would be nice!"