Ryan Reynolds Playing Daddy to Sandra's Son

January 13, 2011 By:
Ryan Reynolds Playing Daddy to Sandra's Son

Uh-oh, now the kid is getting attached!

While Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds continue to pretend they aint freakin in the sheets, Sandy’s little baby nugget is now taking a liking to the male figure in his life.

Sources say Sandra and Ryan have been hanging out so much and he’s formed a bond with her adopted infant Louis.

Scarlett Jealous of Ryan and Sandra

"Sandra loves the idea of Louis having a good male role model in his life," a friend of Bullock’s tells Popeater.com. "They play together for hours, and Ryan even helps out changing the little fella's diaper."

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra: Not Their First Rodeo

"Ryan loves children and has always wanted to be a dad," a friend of Ryan’s adds. "He would have loved to have had a baby with Scarlett, but work always came first. Having a little baby around has made Ryan realize that life isn't about making movies and money. It's about surrounding yourself with love."

An insider says, "They all just fit together so well. Like one happy little family."

OMG this is soooo scandalous, but I LOVE it!!! Is that bad?!!!