Ryan Phillippe Puts $7.45 Million Dollar House Back on the Market

December 6, 2011 By:
Ryan Phillippe Puts $7.45 Million Dollar House Back on the Market

If at first you don’t succeed, curse the economy, and try to sell your seven million dollar mansion again.

Ryan Phillippe has put his Hollywood Hills home back on the market after being unable to sell it for the same price just last year. The actor bought the pad for $7.1 million in 2008, and at this point, he’s lucky to break even from it. Yes, this is the part where you’re supposed to feel sorry for him.

The 7,500 square foot home has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, including a master suite with two baths and a gym. Considering most of the 99% can’t even afford our 1/1 apartments, and Ryan’s bedroom alone is 1/2, it’s no wonder he can’t get a buyer.

The house also features guest quarters, a movie theater, a sauna, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, gorgeous pool and stunning gardens. But if the gardens aren’t stunning enough for you, there’s also a view of Sunset Boulevard.

Beats my view. A brick wall. That’s my view. If I’m lucky, there’s not a crazy homeless guy urinating on the trash cans below.

The house is “gated, secluded and spacious,” and was built in 1998 by producer Sylvio Tabet with Asian-inspired architecture. Not exactly sure what that means-- the architect’s mother called every five minutes and told him he should’ve been a doctor? I dunno. But the master suite is also on its own level. The theater room has a drop down movie screen and large, plush couches to enjoy plenty of Ryan’s movies. Like, uh…Crash and…that one with Reese Witherspoon? Ryan once shared the home with ex-girlfriend Abbie Cornish.

Speaking of girlfriends, Phillippe was also recently spotted in NYC with a mystery blonde. Which maybe explains why he’s trying to get rid of his home on the West Coast. According to reports, Ryan was spotted “getting cozy” with "a beautiful blonde". They ordered shots of tequila at Victor and Spoils in The Hotel on Rivington.

Witness say Ryan ordered shot upon shot of 1942 Don Julio tequila, and he got extra close to his new gal…so much so that it made some patrons uncomfortable.

“They should get a room,” a source told The New York Post.

They stayed until about 2 am and left a $100 tip on their $350 bill.

Ryan has been in New York filming the movie Damages.