Ryan Phillippe May be a Father Again!

March 14, 2011 By:
Ryan Phillippe May be a Father Again!

Ryan Phillippe’s ex model/actress girlfriend, Alexis Knapp, is pregnant, and a source tells Us Magazine, “she has been telling people he is the father.”

My theory is that, despite all attempts at birth control, Ryan Phillippe’s sperm knows it has an obligation to keep his DNA going. It simply must carry on those ridiculous good looks, and no condom or pill can hold it back.

Another source tells Us Weekly, “Ryan doesn’t know if he is the dad. If he is, he will take full responsibility for the child.”

Phillippe already has two children with ex-wife Reese Witherspoon. He is currently dating Amanda Seyfried, and recently said on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, “I’m dating. Not nearly as voracious as the magazines like to make out, [but] I am dating.”

Watch out, Amanda. Unless you’re ready to balloon up, I’d watch myself around that superhuman sperm.