Ryan O'Neal Pleads Guilty to Drug Possession

January 9, 2009 By:
Ryan O'Neal Pleads Guilty to Drug Possession

Ryan O'Neal was in court on Friday morning where he pleaded guilty to the felony drug charges.

Back in September, Ryan and his son Redmond were arrested on suspicion of meth possession at their Malibu home.

Ryan pleaded guilty and the judge sentenced him to an 18-month drug program. He is due back in court in July. If all goes well in the drug program, the drug charges against him will be dismissed.

At the time of his arrest, his attorney released a statement denying that Ryan used drugs stating: "Those were not Ryan's drugs, he doesn't use drugs, and has nothing to do with them."

"The drugs found in Ryan's bedroom were Redmond's," Werksman said. "He had confiscated them from Redmond. He was trying to keep them away from his son."

Maybe he pleaded guilty so he can just move on with his life? Whatever the case is he should really try to clean his son up, who has had a drug problem for years.