Ryan O'Neal Apparently Doesn't Use Drugs

September 18, 2008 By:
Ryan O'Neal Apparently Doesn't Use Drugs

Ryan O'Neal and his 23-year old son Redmond O'Neal were arrested earlier this week because after searching their home police found methamphetamine in both father and son's bedrooms.

Ryan's lawyer is speaking out on behalf of the actor. But he is not specifying how the drugs mysteriously appeared in his bedroom.

"Those were not Ryan's drugs, he doesn't use drugs, and has nothing to do with them," attorney Mark Werksman told People Magazine. "It's a dangerous assumption for deputies to have arrested Ryan just because he was in proximity to the drugs."

"This situation is very upsetting to Ryan because he's just trying to lead his life quietly," Werksman added. "I have full confidence that Ryan will be vindicated."

Both father and son are currently free on bail. What do you guys think? Is the lawyer full of it?