Ryan and Redmond O'Neal Land Reality Show

August 26, 2009 By:
Ryan and Redmond O'Neal Land Reality Show

It seems as though there’s no criteria necessary anymore to land your own reality show. You can even be stuck behind bars and be a star these days.

According to a new report, Farrah Fawcett’s longtime lover Ryan O'Neal has brokered a deal to get himself and his troubled son Redmond on a reality show.

In Touch reports that the show will feature Redmond, who will just be getting out of jail, as he tries to get his life back on track.

A source close to the family tells the tabloid, “Redmond wants to do this to honor his mother. He really wants to get better to honor her memory.”

Many are speculating that Ryan was pushing for the deal way more than Redmond. An insider says, “Redmond has signed the deal that was brokered for him by his dad. Ryan will be on the show, too.”

We’re not so sure about this one. Something about Ryan O’Neal rubs us the wrong way. He should be focusing on genuinely helping his son beat addiction for good, rather than having the cameras turned on him.

Is this a good idea, or a train wreck in the works?