Ryan Lochte Wants You To Think He Didn’t Sleep Around At The Olympics

August 8, 2012 By:

In what’s becoming the Olympics worst kept secret, the Olympic village is basically a love fest.

The Olympic committee already stated that they gave out 150,000 condoms this year for only 10,500 athletes. If I do my math correctly, that’s a lot of boning.

But swimming champ and all-around heartthrob Ryan Lochte claims he never slept with anyone because he “didn’t have time.” What a waste.

Lochte reportedly didn’t hook up with anybody calling into TMZ Live to say he didn’t get his freak on in-between winning medals.

“All I really saw was the dining hall, the swimming pool, and basically my bed. So I wasn’t able to get around the village,” says the swimmer.

Do we really believe him? When TMZ's host quoted Lochte as saying he was excited to be single at this year's Olympics to “sample the goods” of the Olympic Village, Ryan joked responded, “I don’t think I said, ‘sample the goods.’”

“Last Olympics I had a girlfriend and it brought a lot of stress to my races. Going into this Olympics, I didn’t have to worry about pleasing my girlfriend,” says Lochte.

So he’s a one-woman man, apparently.

Lochte recently told Piers Morgan that he’s looking for a girlfriend.

“I like being in relationships…I want to give them my entire heart,” Lochte told Morgan.

Maybe he should join a reality dating show? I could see him being the next “The Bachelor.”
Actually, that might not be very far off. His sports agent Erika Wright says he’s considering three different reality shows right now.

“I cannot tell you the exact shows,” she tells The Hollywood Reporter, “But two different reality show concepts have been offered and one additional is being discussed.”

If one of them is “Dancing with the Stars” we may see him and Michael Phelps competing again, this time with the cha-cha.

“I haven’t really been known for my dancing,” says Phelps, “I won’t say I’m ruling anything out, who knows?”