Ryan Lochte Wants To Spend The Rest Of His Life With Blake Lively

August 6, 2012 By:

Since the Olympics began, most people just want to know who the hot athletes are dating. Oh, Ryan Lochte beat Phelps in the 400 IM? I could care less, who is he texting please!?

After Hollyscoop broke the story on Michael Phelps longterm girlfriend we need to know what’s up with Lochte’s relationship status.

Ryan Lochte’s mom recently announced that Lochte is of the one-night-stand variety. No seriously, his mom said that. Well, Lochte cleared that up during an interview with Piers Morgan, “She meant that I go on dates,” says Lochte, “Not one-night stands in the bad way.”

He doesn’t hit it and quit it, you guys, he’ll stick around for breakfast, is what I’m trying to say.

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“I’m young, but that’s not me. I like being in relationships and when I’m in relationship I like giving them my entire heart,” says Lochte.

Aww, that’s like really adorable. He may be bad at interviews, but Lochte sure is good at love!

Morgan asked Lochte if he “could choose one famous woman to spend the rest of your life with, who would you take right now?”

Lochte’s response?

“Uh, right now, Blake Lively,” says Lochte, “She is gorgeous.”

Well, too bad she’s taken by the dashing Ryan Reynolds. Morgan asks Lochte what he would say to Blake to try and win her over.

Says Lochte, “I would be like, ‘Hi.’ I’d be like ‘You want to go to an island with me?’”

So smooth.