Ryan Lochte Parties In A Pink Speedo

August 20, 2012 By:
Ryan Lochte Parties In A Pink Speedo

Ryan Lochte is either really comfortable in his manhood or really invested in shocking the public.

At party in Las Vegas the, the 28-year-old swimmer rocked out with his banana hammock out at an ultimate pool party at Azure at The Palazzo. Lochte’s painfully tight speedo was a pink number that left little to question other than his manhood.

What exactly was he celebrating? Olympic golds, his birthday, the fact that he’s Ryan Lochte… Yes to all three!

Photos of the day have surfaced where Lochte is shown kicking back with his fellow swimmers and partygoers. But the star of the show was really his signature pink Speedo.

The suit, ‘80s hot pink with purple stars, was last seen on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” though this was the first time that the swimmer was actually spotted wearing the thing.

But don’t worry, ladies, the pink getup didn’t exactly affect his game…

Lochte was presented a towering birthday cake by a team of shiny gold bikini wearing girls. In one shot, he is shown holding the knife pre cut. A big smile appears on his face (minus the grill this time) as the lovely ladies dote on their champ, each fitted with a faux gold medal.

The swimmer also posed poolside with fans and teammates, who didn’t seem at all put off by the homoerotic undertones that the bathing suit seemed to bring to the table.

To show that it was a real party, Lochte even cracked a bottle of bubbly and sprayed it into the air.

On the carpet, though, Lochte went for a more patriotic look, posing with a black and white American flag bathing suit.

If this scene just isn’t enough weirdness for you, Lochte will also be going actor in a new episode of “90210.” His episode premieres on October 29.