Ryan Lochte Has A Reality Show Now

January 8, 2013 By:
Ryan Lochte Has A Reality Show Now
Image By: wenn.com

Yeah Bro, Ryan Lochte has his own reality show now.

The show is called “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” and I’m sure the answer will ALWAYS be “just, you know, chill out and swim or whatever, uhhh breakfast burritos?”

The show will hit the E! Network in April, the same network responsible for The Kardashians, Chelsea Lately, Ice-T and Coco-T, The Fashion Police and the show that spent the better part of summer 2012 making fun of Ryan Lochte, The Soup.

I, personally, cannot wait for this series and am actually sad that there is ONLY going to be six episodes.

That being said, how much material will there be? Ryan hanging out with his dog and peeing in pools can only fill up so much screen time.

Apparently the show will follow Ryan, the self-proclaimed King of Gainesville, Florida as he looks for love, swims, and all the other things an Olympian does when it’s not the Olympics.

For Ryan enthusiasts, we know he was rumored to have been dating Miss Universe Olivia Culpo AND Ryan filmed an episode of “30 Rock” and “90210.”

Also, anyone who tweets, “I never knew having a banana and then drinking sprite you automatically puke!! Gotta get my brother to try this haha,” is definitely worthy of his own TV series.