Who Should Be the Next Ryan Gosling When He Retires?

March 27, 2013 By:
Who Should Be the Next Ryan Gosling When He Retires?

Ryan Gosling is retiring, you guys. Every therapist in LA is booked with fans needing consoling. Heck, there’s a hotline, called the Gosline, that you can call if you just “want to talk about it.”

Someone needs to fill that void while Ryan Gosling ditches acting to pursue things we can’t possibly begin to think about without tearing up, so here are five dudes that might come close to matching his level of masculinity, sensitivity, sexuality, artsiness, and talent.

Hunter Parrish – Hunter Parish hasn’t done anything worthwhile except that TV show “Weeds” but he has that goofy hotness and boyish charm just like the Gos. Also, like Gosling, he’s multi-talented. He can sing like Gosling. He was in the Broadway run of “Spring Awakening” and if you Google “Hunter Parrish singing” you will die!

Noah Mills – Noah Mills is a former Gucci model turned writer/actor. He was also the love interest in Taylor Swift’s video for “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” which is a very anti-Gos thing to do, BUT he just wrote and stars in a new movie called Wracked and it looks EXACTLY like Gosling’s movie, Drive.

Alexander Skarsgard: Just, look at him. Enough said.

Liam Hemsworth: If Liam Hemsworth can break out of his rut as Miley Cyrus’ fiancé, he totally has the sweet disposition, wingspan, and bone structure to pull off a Gosling steal. Also, his big break was in a Nicholas Sparks' film adaptation, The Last Song, just LIKE Gosling in The Notebook.

Dave Franco: We almost put James Franco on this list and then we were like, wait! Franco has a hotter, younger brother named Dave who is so heart-throbby, it’s ridiculous. He’s mostly done goofy comedies but if you look deep into his brown eyes you can actually see into Gosling’s soul.

Honorable Mention: We had to mention Zac Efron. If Gosling didn’t exist ever, Zac might actually BE our generation's Gosling. He’s always been in Gosling’s shadow and we’ve heard Zac say “hey girl” and it sounds nice!