Where Has Ryan Gosling Been?

February 10, 2014 By:
Where Has Ryan Gosling Been?
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Do you feel like something’s missing from your life? You feel that way, because something IS missing.

You’re missing Ryan Gosling in your life. Gosling hasn’t made a movie, been stopped by paps, done a press tour, or gone on a talk show in over six months!

Where the hell has he been!?

A few days ago, Gosling was spotted driving girlfriend Eva Mendescar in Beverly Hills.


That was the first time he's been spotted out since July 16, 2013!

Gosling’s last public appearance was when he charmed the pants off EVERYONE at a screening of Only God Forgives.


Which got terrible reviews, by the way.

What if Gosling is actually following through with those terrible plans to “retire”?

In March 2013, he said that he was taking “a break” from acting. His exact words: “I need a break from myself as much as I imagine the audience does.”

We didn’t think that meant going into hibernation!


Eva Mendes went grocery shopping the other week. Was Ryan with her? Nope.


Apparently in early January 2014, Popdust said Ryan was eating alone in his LA neighborhood of Los Feliz when some girls approached him and asked for a photo.

He let them take a photo and even paid their bill.


Apparently he’s in Berlin?


Or maybe at the “outlets.”



Okay, these Twitter sightings are just made up...


Even his IMDb page is pretty dry…

There’s ONLY ONE new movie slated to come out! HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO US, RYAN!


But seriously, you guys. WHERE THE EFF IS RYAN GOSLING!?