Ryan Gosling Talks About Being Hot and Famous

January 23, 2013 By:
Ryan Gosling Talks About Being Hot and Famous
Image By: GQ Magazine

Ryan Gosling is a lot of things. Talented. Buff. Hot. A great boyfriend. A great imaginary boyfriend. But there’s one thing he definitely is...

Famous. Really really famous.

The Gos does a real good job at keeping his private life private. I literally know nothing about his life with Eva Mendes other than they sometimes go on walks.

Here’s what Ryan REALLY thinks about fame and why he keeps such a low-profile despite being the most interesting man in the world #DosEquis.

"It’s strange. It has a dream-ish quality," says Ryan of fame, "Like, you’re in a dream where everybody knows you but you don’t know anyone. It kind of feels like that. I guess the benefit is that it’s kept off the Internet. At the end of the day I think that’s probably for the best. It’s like a minefield for me.”

What does he mean by, “kept off the Internet?” Has he never heard of “Hey Girl?

Gosling revealed all this in the new issue of GQ Australia and dished about his new movie Gangster Squad (which by the way has already hit theaters and isn’t very good), but let’s pretend for a second that we know nothing about the movie and let Gosling reminisce about his boyhood crush on gangster movies.  

“It was fun,” Ryan told the magazine, “When I was a kid I was kind of obsessed with that movie Dick Tracy. Burger King had all this Dick Tracy stuff and I collected all of it, and
 I had the posters and I watched it on a loop. Obviously this is a very different movie, but it seemed to have some of the sensibilities of that. So that was fun for me.”

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