Ryan Gosling Says He Was A Bad Kid

April 5, 2013 By:
Ryan Gosling Says He Was A Bad Kid

Thank the Lord for adolescent angst, because it gave us your boyfriend Ryan Gosling.

The Gos, as perfect and sensitive and kind and nasally voiced and sweet as he is now; he says he was once a bad boy, a very bad boy.

Gosling revealed during an interview to promote his new movie The Place Beyond The Pines (in which he plays a bad boy, natch) that he got into so many fights at school, that his mom had to quit her job to homeschool Ryan when he was 10.

“I do feel bad for my mother, because it never stopped. I felt like I was going crazy as a kid. I wanted to be a man, get a job,” Gosling revealed.

Gosling said playing a motorcycle stunt rider in the movie made him flashback to a memory as a kid when he witnessed a gruesome motorcycle crash.

“I was just a kid walking to school when I saw this guy get hit,” Ryan remembers, “I went up to him and he had blood coming from behind his head. My first thought was, ‘I’ve got to get a motorcycle.’ There’s something messed up with my brain.’”

Apparently Gosling never ditched that bad boy mentality, because he plays a bad guy really well. Case in point: This trailer for his new movie Only God Forgives, where his only bit of dialogue in the clip is “You wanna fight?”

Oh gawwd, bad never looked so good.