Ryan Gosling Makes Surprise Appearance At School for Deaf Children

October 31, 2012 By:
Ryan Gosling Makes Surprise Appearance At School for Deaf Children

Hey girl, don’t worry, that’s just me, Ryan Gosling, walking you to homeroom.

Ryan Gosling, the apple of America’s collective eye just made a surprise appearance at a charity event at the Texas School for the Deaf.

Oh yeah, Michael Fassbender and Rooney Mara were there too. Do you care? About Fassbender, kind of. That guy is a hard 10 for sure.

But seriously, how much MORE attractive do you find Gosling now that you know he’s supporting charities and making kids dreams come true? Do you know sign-language for “my heart just stopped because Ryan Gosling is at my school right now?” No, I’m asking? What is it?

Apparently Ryan was in town to film his upcoming Terrence Malick movie with Rooney Mara and the school’s executive director Anne Adams said that the school knew Ryan was in town and had seen him filming on streets around the school but never thought he’d come to the event.

And then, during the school’s Spooky Skedaddle 5K, a charity run, Ryan Gosling just shows up unannounced.

“Ryan was extremely kind, allowing lots of photo ops with fans and when the director told him, ‘Enough,’ he said, ‘No, one more,’ and pulled a small deaf child out of the line for a picture,” says Anne.

She also confirmed what we already knew about Mr. Gosling, namely that he is “wonderful.”

“Ryan is a wonderful person and we were delighted that they came!” says Anne.

Tell us something we don’t know, Anne!

Apparently the school had NO IDEA he was going to show up.