Ryan Gosling Introduces Eva Mendes to His Mom

January 3, 2012 By:
Ryan Gosling Introduces Eva Mendes to His Mom

Uggh, it's getting so serious between Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes. He just introduced her to his mom. I can't even finish writing this article on account of, I am crying so hard right now!

Proving that Ryan Gosling is pretty much officially off the market, he took his mom and his girlfriend out to the movies in New York over the weekend.

When you go on a date with your mom and your significant other, it means sh-t is serious. They are probably going to the bathroom with the door open and adopting a dog together at this point.

"They all hung out and went to the movies together," a source tells People, "Ryan and Eva seemed very happy."

Oh did they? Because I would be really freaking happy too If I was Ryan Gosling's girlfriend.

Gosling and Mendes were acting very couple-y while they waited at LAX on Friday, ready to jet off to New York.

"They kept kissing and hugging while they waited to board their flight," says an onlooker, "Eva looked gorgeous and kept smiling."

Then on Saturday night, the couple was each other’s New Years Kiss. They partied at Manhattan's Bowery Hotel on NYE's and "while they waited for a cab outside the hotel, they kept kissing," said a source.

Okay, okay, break it up. You don't need to rub it in our faces. That being said, Gosling and Mendes are kind of a match made in celebrity heaven. And yes, there's a separate heaven for celebrities, just like dogs have their own heaven too.