Ryan Gosling Fights For The Chickens

May 1, 2008 By:
Ryan Gosling Fights For The Chickens

Ryan Gosling is fighting for the rights…of chickens! He just wrote a personal letter to the head of KFC in Canada urging him to stop KFC suppliers' worst abuses of chickens on factory farms and in slaughterhouses. Here's Ryan's letter to KFC:

"Dear Mr. Bitove:

I am discouraged to hear that KFC Canada has not intervened to eliminate the abuses that birds raised and killed for KFC restaurants suffer, despite the strides that are being made by other companies.

I understand that KFC Canada is still allowing its suppliers to scald
chickens to death in scorching-hot water tanks and that many birds still suffer broken wings and legs because of violent treatment prior to
slaughter. As a Canadian, I hope that you'll set a good example for KFC operators in the U.S. and elsewhere by stopping the worst abuses endured by the birds killed for KFC Canada's buckets. Won't you please consider setting a precedent that all other KFCs can follow?

The time is ripe to do the right thing. By adopting the basic
recommendations made by PETA and scientific experts (including raising birds in a more natural manner and employing less cruel slaughter methods), you could dramatically improve the lives and deaths of chickens raised and killed for KFC Canada.

Thank you for your consideration.


Ryan Gosling"

What makes Ryan Gosling think that dude even knows who he is? He's probably just threw it in the trash with all the other animal rights activists' letters. Too many people are jonesin for a bucket o' legs and thighs. Fried chicken is here to stay!