Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Aren't Over Yet

May 11, 2012 By:
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Aren't Over Yet

We got you, Gosling!

Rumors of their alleged breakup were shattered when Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes were spotted on an afternoon spring stroll in the Big Apple this morning.

The couple were seen sipping coffee and carrying some bakery treats. Their free hands were locked tight together.

Rumors that the couple was over flared up when the 'Girl in Progress' actress showed up to the star-lined Met Gala event without Gosling on her arm.

Mendes has been tight-lipped about the relationship, driving fans and people to write articles like these in need of facts to the brink of insanity.

Ellen DeGeneres previously poked fun of her discrete love life. The host offered Mendes a matching pair of matching onesie pajamas during her appearance on ”The Ellen DeGreneres Show.”

“We had someone on the show, you might know him,” said Ellen, describing Gosling. “Because he likes them so much when you see him – if you see him…”

Ellen handed over the PJs, and - despite her efforts – Mendes could not help but blush.

“If I happen to see him tonight, I will give this to him. I'm saying if I run to him - you never know,” replied Mendes.


So, if you were worried about a breakup, you can rest easy. If you're a cougar out there hoping Ryan was single for your shot at the star, then I’m sorry. You’ll have to keep waiting.