Best Thing Ever: Ryan Gosling's 3 Way Interview on Conan

January 11, 2013 By:
Best Thing Ever: Ryan Gosling's 3 Way Interview on Conan
Image By: TBS

Ryan Gosling is like a mountain made out of guilt-free cupcakes where unicorns hand out free tickets to Disneyland… He’s just too good to be true.

And the Hollywood ladykiller got a little cooler during a recent appearance on TBS’ “Conan,” when he invited a female fan to sit next to him during the interview.

Eat your heart out, ladies…

“I was in the audience once,” Gosling says, addressing the crowd. “I was disappointed, though … I know that you probably want to see the guest, but you probably really want to get on camera too, right?”

After an audience shriek that could rival that of any Justin Bieber stadium appearance, the actor continues…

“Can we bring somebody up,” Gosling asks Conan?

More piercing lady cries…

Ryan moseys over a wall of horny female audience members and picks one out: Linda, from Westminster, CA, who—as Team Coco’s website accurately puts it—instantly becomes, “the envy of half the world.”

Linda sits in Gosling’s place and conducts the interview for him. Meanwhile he hovers close by, whispering sweet nothing pointers to the blushing audience member who has suddenly been thrown into the climax of her previously unlived fantasy. 

Conan proceeds as best as he can, asking her about Gosling’s new film Gangster Squad, but Gosling—through Linda—only returns with jabs at Conan.

She talks the actor’s thoughts in some sort of sexy human ventriloquist doll maneuver, which, if anyone OTHER than Ryan were behind, would just be creepy. But, since it’s Ryan “Friggin” Gosling, we’ll let it slide…

This incident comes after a Tuesday appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” where the actor admitted to handing out free Girl Scout cookies at stoplights and letting Will Ferrell splatter chocolate pudding all over him with a samurai sword.

In other words: Ryan Gosling, you are still our favorite person ever.

Check out the “Conan” clip here: