5 Reasons Why Ryan Gosling Is Perfect

January 9, 2013 By:
5 Reasons Why Ryan Gosling Is Perfect
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Ryan Gosling may be continually snubbed for the role of Sexiest Man Alive, but that doesn’t take anything away from his near god-like perfection.

Whether it’s his dopey nasally voice or the way he makes wearing a tank top NOT douchey or how he takes ballet classes like a boss, these are the five reasons why Ryan Gosling is perfect. Big thanks to People for this in-depth expose on the hunky actor. 

1)   He loves dogs: Ryan has a dog named George who he sometimes takes onstage with him for talk show appearances. Says a friend of Ryans, “Any woman who’s with him needs to get along with George.” This year, Ryan volunteered at an Austin, TX pet rescue group for homeless pups. On the count of three: 1, 2, 3, “Awwww.” 

2)   He Wants To Be A Dad: Any man who says he “can’t wait to have kids” is arguably the sexiest thing you can ever hear. Even though his girlfriend Eva Mendes says she’s not the marrying type, that doesn’t mean they won’t have kids together. “[Ryan] adores kids and can’t wait to be a dad. He’s going to make an amazing father one day,” says a source.

3)   He designs his own tattoos: Not only does Ryan have a tattoo of the kid’s book “The Giving Tree” on his shoulder (#HOT) he also designed another tattoo on his arm himself. He says it was supposed to be a monster’s hand with a bloody heart, but jokes that it ended up looking “like a cactus.” 

4)   He takes his mom to movie premieres: Not one to parade around his girlfriends like some kind of awards show pony, Ryan takes his mom as his date to all his movie premieres. You know what they say, you can judge a man’s character by how he treats his mom, Ryan Gosling is perfect. 

5)   He’s generous: Late last year, Gosling was in Texas filming a movie when he made a surprise appearance at a charity gala for a School for the Deaf. He paid $50 for a $1 bit of cotton candy and posed for photos for a lot of happy kids.