20 Celebs Who DARED to Step Out with No Makeup

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20 Celebs Who DARED to Step Out with No Makeup
Image By: wenn.com

You have to see this to believe it!

Ryan Gosling bared it all when he stepped out without a smidge of makeup.

No make up and yet he left us still wanting to date him!


Alexander Skarsgard with no makeup makes for an interesting and unexpected sight.

Yes, that's what he looks like. It's quite shocking.

Jon Hamm braved the paparazzi without any makeup and he looked GORGEOUS.


A makeup-free Rob Pattinson hit the streets, but why look so sad when you're so successful? Smile, Rob!


Johnny Depp had no time to bother with makeup and we applaud him for it.


Don’t look at Matthew McConaughey without makeup if you don’t want your fantasies ruined.

Jared Leto still looks absolutely DIVINE without any foundation

It's so refreshing to see John Mayer go out in public without conforming to the societal pressures of wearing makeup for every single photograph.


Harry Styles skipped on the makeup, but still looked just as sexy.


Pharrell isn’t afraid to show off his natural self.

Jason Momoa flaunted his natural beauty for the cameras.


This is what Brad Pitt looks like when he’s caught on camera. Can you BELIEVE this is what he looks like without a stitch of makeup?!


Zac Efron proves he doesn’t need to get glammed up before leaving the house.


Neil Patrick Harris flashes his fresh face on his downtime.


Michael B. Jordan isn’t one of those boys who wears a full face of makeup for a day at the beach.


Chris Pratt shows off his au naturel face on a quiet afternoon.


Tom Hiddleston refuses to bend to Hollywood’s expectations of makeup and beauty.


Benedict Cumberbatch still rocks it, even without wearing makeup.


Keanu Reeves goes for a DRASTIC makeunder on his downtime.