Ryan Jenkins Friend: He Was Just Another Lost Soul

August 28, 2009 By:
Ryan Jenkins Friend: He Was Just Another Lost Soul

Ryan Alexander Jenkins committed suicide before police could question him about the death of Jasmine Fiore, so there's still a lot of mystery surrounding Jenkins and his motive for murder.

Jenkins good friend and colleague Chris Tutty tells Hollyscoop exclusively that he never thought his friend would be capable of murder but added that "there was always something about the way he treated woman that I really didn't like."

"I tried to always stay clear of him," Tutty tells Hollyscoop, but he always found a way into my life. I trained him as a real estate agent as well and he worked at my office down town...strange stuff...he was just another lost soul."

Canadian police today said they will not charge those who may have aided Jenkins in any way in the murder of model Jasmine Fiore.

Jenkin's half sister Alena Jenkins helped him get a hotel room at Thunderbird Motel in Hope B.C. on Aug. 20 while he was running from authorities, which was the same hotel he committed suicide in.

Because a warrant for Jenkins arrest was issued in Canada on Aug. 21, a day after he arrived at the motel, there are no grounds to lay charges against the woman who helped him, police said.

On Wednesday, Los Angeles discovered the white Mercedes-Benz that Fiore had owned. It was in a private parking lot near the penthouse apartment that the couple once shared.

According to police, there was blood on two of the seats and the rear windshield, police said. There was also a jealous letter from Jenkins to Fiore in the glove compartment.

"They believe that is where her fingers were removed, and teeth were removed," said Rob Brown, CTV's Vancouver bureau chief.

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