Report: Ryan Jenkins' Sister May Be Accomplice

August 26, 2009 By:
Report: Ryan Jenkins' Sister May Be Accomplice

New details have broken surrounding the case of the murder of Jasmine Fiore and the death of Ryan Alexander Jenkins. Canadian media outlets are now claiming that police are focusing on Jenkin’s 19-year old half sister Alena Jenkins as the possible accomplice.

News outlets are reporting that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are speaking with Alena Jenkins, and that a silver PT Cruiser parked at Alena's Vancouver condominium matches the description of the car that delivered Ryan Jenkins to the Thunderbird Motel.

They are also reporting that police were at the condominium on Tuesday, and that the car spotted at the motel is registered to Ryan Jenkins's father, Dan Jenkins.

Canadian police say they know who the woman is but they aren't ready to identify her, or to say whether she will be charged with aiding a fugitive.

In related news, the car belonging to Jasmine Fiore has been found. The white Mercedes Benz was discovered at a Trader Joe’s parking lot in West Hollywood today.

This is the vehicle police believe Ryan drove from a San Diego hotel on August 14th, carrying parts of Fiore’s body in a suitcase. The car has been missing since the time of her death.

New details to come regarding the involvement of Alena Jenkins in this case.