Police Report: Details on How Jasmine Fiore Was Murdered

August 21, 2009 By:
Police Report: Details on How Jasmine Fiore Was Murdered

We're starting to get new information regarding the murder of Jasmine Fiore. Sources close to the investigation are claiming that Jasmine was strangled last Friday night sometime after midnight.

Surveillance video shows Ryan Alexander Jenkins leaving a hotel with a suitcase that resembles the suitcase in which Fiore's body was stuffed in, reports TMZ.

The footage shows Ryan leaving L'Auberge Del Mar near San Diego with luggage, but without Jasmine Fiore. Authorities checked the room and there was no evidence of blood so they believe Jenkins may have murdered Fiore in the hotel room, and then mutilated the body after he left.

Some outlets are reporting that Fiore and Jenkins got into an argument after Jenkins discovered text messages on Fiore's phone from her ex boyfriend Robert Hasman, who was the 'family member' that spoke at the press conference yesterday.

Fiore had reportedly sent Hasman a few text messages on Thursday night and early Friday morning telling him that she wanted to visit him in Las Vegas.

Coincidently, Hasman got a text message last Friday night from Fiore's phone that read "suck it." Fiore was believed to be dead already at that point. Her cell phone is still missing.

Fiore was reported missing Saturday night by Jenkins, but he disappeared shortly after and is said to be hiding out in Canada.

This story keeps getting nastier and nastier. What kind of sicko would murder his girlfriend, mutilate her body and throw it in a dumpster over a few text messages? It's just so tragic! Our heart goes out to Fiore's family.