Police Find Ryan Jenkins' Suicide Note

October 6, 2009 By:
Police Find Ryan Jenkins' Suicide Note

Investigators have found Ryan Alexander Jenkins’ suicide note that was written three days before he took his own life in August. The letter was found on a copy of the hard drive. In it, he professed his deep love and affection for Fiore and called her beautiful. But Jenkins also went into detail about his jealousy over her relationships with other men.

According to Buena Park police investigators, the suicide note provides insight into what Jenkins was thinking as he sat in a rundown motel in British Columbia in late August, the subject of an international manhunt after he was named a suspect in Jasmine Fiore's murder.

He says Fiore was beautiful, he loved her, and she made him jealous by sleeping with former boyfriends. Buena Park Police Sgt. William Kohanek tell sPeople, "It was clearly defined that Mr. Jenkins was jealous of multiple side relationships that she had. The lack of acknowledging that he'd just lost his wife speaks volumes.”

In the will, which was not printed out, Jenkins leaves money and possessions to family members, and apologizes to them for the negative media attention the situation had brought them.

So sad that Jenkins family has to carry his burden with them now.