Russell Crowe to Play Bill Clinton

December 17, 2008 By:
Russell Crowe to Play Bill Clinton

Russell Crowe is reportedly going to be playing Bill Clinton in a new biopic. First things first, Russell going to need to shed some pounds! We can’t even picture him playing Bill based on what he looks like right now!

The movie, entitled The Special Relationship, will focus on Bill Clinton’s dealings with British Prime Minister Tony Blair. “Russell is currently our favourite to play Clinton. He might not initially appear the obvious choice but it’s felt he could turn out to be ideal,” said an insider.

Michael Sheen, who played Blair in 2006’s The Queen, is reportedly set to take on the role again for the new movie. This movie will be the third in a trilogy of British movies that began with The Deal, and was followed by The Queen. Peter Morgan is directing. Morgan initially planned to focus the film on George W. Bush as well as Bill Clinton, but decided to narrow it down to the intimate relationship between Blair and Clinton between 1997 and 2000.

Sounds like an interesting topic! We just can’t understand why Russell Crowe would be picked for the role! He’s got a much bigger build than Clinton, plus he’s Australian! What do you think about this casting?