Russell Crowe Throws Cannes Temper Tantrum

May 14, 2010 By:
Russell Crowe Throws Cannes Temper Tantrum

Russell Crowe has been known in the past for his temper, and it reared its ugly head yesterday during a press interview at Cannes Film Festival, where his new movie Robin Hood debuted.

According to the Telegraph, Crowe stormed out of an interview with BBC Radio reporter Mark Lawson, who critiqued the actor’s accent in the film. The character of Robin Hood is British, which required Crowe to tweak his New Zealand/Australian accent (Crowe was born a Kiwi, and raised an Aussie).


But Lawson didn’t think the Oscar winner did the best job at it! He reportedly told Crowe that he came off sounding Irish in the movie, which really set him off. "You've got dead ears, mate -- seriously dead ears if you think there's an Irish accent,” Crowe retorted.

Lawson kept going, and asked if the actor was going for a Northern Irish accent, to which Crowe replied, "No I was going for an Italian ... missed it? F--k me."


The nail in the coffin was when the reporter asked about an incident in which Crowe reportedly didn’t want to say the film Gladiator’s defining line, "I'll take my revenge in this life or the next."

He walked out of the interview saying, "I don't get the Irish thing. I don't get it at all."

Apparently Lawson isn’t alone in thinking the accent is all wrong. The film is in theaters now so you tell us what you think!