Russell Crowe Is Homeless

May 28, 2009 By:
Russell Crowe Is Homeless

Russell Crowe is homeless. And by homeless we don't mean his house went into foreclosure, we mean he's having a hard time finding a new mansion to rent.

Crowe is currently in West Wales filming Robin Hood and is having a really a hard time finding property to rent to wealthy tourists keep outbidding him.

Local real estate agent Nigel Jones said: "A lot of the rental houses are summer or holiday lets and they're already reserved. It may be difficult for someone like Russell Crowe to find a suitable house.

"The area is very popular and few properties priced at the £1.5 million mark will be up for rent. Often, sellers are not looking to rent. They want
someone to buy their house."

Crowe has been forced to stay on the film set, where he has three trailers (of course), until he finds property to rent. What's wrong with staying in a hotel? He seems like too much of a diva to live in a trailer anyway.