Video: Russell Brand Calls Out Heckler During Stand Up Performance

May 7, 2012 By:
Video: Russell Brand Calls Out Heckler During Stand Up Performance

Russell Brand was performing in New Jersey at the Borgato Hotel Casino & Spa this past Saturday night when his set was rudely interrupted by a couple of hecklers, one of them repeatedly shouting out “Katy Perry!!!”

Russell then tells the audience. “Who keeps shouting? Let's turn the lights on and have a look at them! Let us see how your mental illness looks like in the daylight!”

Brand then descends into the audience and reams the first culprit for a good four minutes. Here's a sampling of some of the “safe for work” moments that he yelled at the guy.

“I was hoping that your personality was a result of physical beauty, and then I saw you,” Russell tells the guy, “I thought, this guy is confident because he's incredibly handsome. But look at you. You look like something that's fallen off the side of a church.”

Russell continues, “Look at your nicotine stained fingers and your dirty teeth.”

Russell then pulls the guy on stage, embarrasses him in front of his “date”, and finally brings the focus back on his set!

Later in the show, Russell went back into the audience to call sex-hotlines using an audience member's cell phone and even telling one person in the front row to “shut up” when he wouldn't stop talking.

That being said, the entire audience wasn't all hecklers. One fan gave Russell a gift bag. Inside was a book and banana, which Russell pointed out was a bizarre gift to give.

If this night was any indication of what happened in the Katy Perry-Russell Brand household, I can see why they went their separate ways.