Russell Brand To Play Dudley Moore's Arthur

December 5, 2008 By:
Russell Brand To Play Dudley Moore's Arthur

Russell Brand is becoming quite the serious actor!

He already has 4 big projects in the work and now news has come that
he's signed on to reprise the role of Arthur, which Dudley Moore played in 1981. Russell couldn’t be more perfect for the role of Arthur, who is a playboy who loves to party.

The original Arthur was about an unambitious and wealthy young man, who is happy doing nothing but drinking, sleeping around, and partying. But he is told he can only inherit his vast fortune if he agrees to marry a woman named Susan, an heiress his family thinks will whip him into shape. He agrees, but winds up falling for a poor, working-class woman — and his family threatens to disinherit him when they find out.

Poor Arthur! Can Russell Brand hold up to Dudley Moore’s original performance? He was nominated for an Academy Award for his. Somehow we don’t see Russell being anywhere near the Oscar race. What do you think?