Russell Brand to Meet Katy Perry's Parents

October 12, 2009 By:
Russell Brand to Meet Katy Perry's Parents

Russell Brand and Katy Perry are going strong after just a few weeks of dating. The two have already reportedly said the “L” word, and now we hear a meeting of the parents is in store!

According to The Sun, Katy wants her boyfriend to meet her parents, who happened to be evangelical Christian pastors. And they’re probably not the type who are too excited for their daughter to be dating a British playboy.

Sources say, "Katy is as besotted with Russell as he is with her. However, her parents are extraordinarily strict Christians. Katy is sure that, after a bit of getting used to him, they would approve of Russell, but she wants to get that initial meeting out of the way as early as she can.”

"Keith and Mary are devoted to the church and hold the institution of marriage as a central core of their beliefs. They are genuinely happy for their daughter, but want to give Russell the once-over to check that he is, in fact, as suitable as Katy claims."

We still can’t get used to these two being a couple! Let’s hope they at least take it slow, and don’t end up “Waking Up In Vegas!”