Russell Brand Slammed For His Sarah Palin Comments

July 31, 2012 By:
Russell Brand Slammed For His Sarah Palin Comments

It’s time to feel sorry for the most hated woman in the U.S.A.

British comedian Russell Brand has been getting some heat for a comment he made promoting his standup-news hybrid show “Brand X.” The comment in question was directed at former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin.

At the 2012 Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour, Brand stumbled upon the topic of Mrs. Palin when he was asked whether he would consider having the politician on his show.

Turns out he would… Only not to talk politics, but her sexual appeal.

"I’d go straight to the subtext," he said. "People want to f*** her don’t they? That’s why they tolerate the other stuff. OK, that is a mad thing to say about seeing Russia out your window — but the d**k don’t lie."

Since the comment, women’s rights activist and former Georgetown student Sandra Fluke has tweeted some hate at Brand.

“Completely unacceptable remark re Sarah Palin,” Sandra said. “Female politicians deserve to be judged on merits of their ideas only."

You may remember Fluke as the girl Rush Limaugh called a slut, which makes it weird that she’d side with the GOP team to begin with…

For starters, when did comedians start getting held to the standards of politicians? Take a joke, people…

Brand previously commented on this very issue during a previous episode of “Brand X.”

“I think if someone’s job is a comedian and they say something, like in the analysis of the content of their statement, you should recall the bit that they’re a comedian,” Brand told reporters at a panel for his new show Brand X, “I’ve noticed a lot of people sort of remove [the fact that they are comedians] from the analysis to sort of create some storm of condemnation.”

Still there is a line you need to walk carefully if you’re in the public eye and know when to cross it. In this statement, Brand was defending Dane Cook’s off-color (and very not funny) joke about The Dark Knight Rises massacre in Aurora, Colorado.

But, then again, a careful comedian is about as exciting as a televised game of water polo at the Olympics.