Russell Brand Misses Having Sex With Other Women

May 21, 2010 By:
Russell Brand Misses Having Sex With Other Women

Russell Brand has always been vocal about his love of orgies, strippers and hookers, so being faithful to Katy Perry doesn't exactly come easily to him.

Russell admits that although he's happy as can be with Katy, he misses having sex with random strangers and his comedy act isn't as much fun as it used to be.

He is quoted by E! Online as saying: “It's not as good, because you're away from your actual girlfriend and you can't have sex with all the people out there."

Save the Date for Katy and Russell's Weeklong Wedding

He joked that because he can't have meaningless sex with random women, he's been going through women’s underwear drawers for sexual kicks.

Speaking about TV host Meredith Vieira, he joked: "She's got some surprisingly erotic underwear. There's crotchless, peep-hole stuff going on in there!"

Katy and Russell are planning on tying the knot in a weeklong celebration this October in India. Do you think Russell has what it takes to stay faithful to Katy? Or will he become the new Tiger?