Russell Brand is Ready to Have Kids With Katy Perry

November 2, 2009 By:
Russell Brand is Ready to Have Kids With Katy Perry

Russell Brand has always been infamous for his womanizing ways, but it seems like he's found the one person who can tame his wild wild heart.

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star insists he's ready to put his old ways behind him and become a father. And he wants Katy Perry to be the mother of his children.

Russell tells Britain’s Sunday Times magazine, “Katy’s lovely. I am living in a different way at the moment.
Regardless of what happens in my current situation, I am unlikely to be satisfied with calamitous promiscuity of the preceding five or six years.

He added, “I am ready for children actually. It’s been seven years since I took drugs. I’ve made a film. I don’t have to fight so much. I’ve grown weary of the carousel.”

The couple started dating back in September after they met at the MTV Music Awards, but apparently 3 months is just enough time to make someone your baby mama.

He added, “I’m an only child of a single mother — it probably meant that I’m demanding and have high expectations of women.

“I look for salvation and redemption, to be utterly embraced. It’s a ridiculous, romantic and tragic idea that there’s someone who’s going to save you, that we need our own personal Jesus. Salvation comes from within.”

What do you think about Russell wanting to become a father? And Katy as the mother of his children? She still has a lot on her plate so it may be difficult, but certainly not impossible.