Russell Brand is Going to Crash the Royal Wedding

March 24, 2011 By:
Russell Brand is Going to Crash the Royal Wedding

Russell Brand was so upset that he didn't get an invite to the royal wedding, he's going to just show up and see what happens.

He plans on crashing the royal wedding on April 29th dressed like Queen Elizabeth. That should

He joked: "I’m not invited. I’m going anyway though. I’m going to dress up as the queen. I’m going to say [puts on female voice], ‘Hallo, I’m the queen. Happy wedding day William and Kate. Do it baby, kiss, kiss.’ "

Sure, he was just joking, but how great would that be? And he already has the whole night planned out too!

In an interview with ‘Access Hollywood’, he added: "Then I’ll lift my skirt and I’ll have no underwear on and everyone will go, ‘The Queen’s willy!’ Get your laughing gear round that.”

Russell's always been infatuated with the royal family, so he was genuinely upset that he didn't get an invite. He recently said, "I'd like to be royal. I sometimes think, 'I'd like to marry into the royals.' It would be fun wouldn't it to be a little bit royal? I think I'd fit right in there, they're a lovely bunch."

It's probably for the best that he wasn't invited. I can only imagine what he'd do if he was. Try to hop out of a cake? Relapse on the free booze and try to make out with the Queen? The possibilities are endless.