Russell Brand Injured in Car Accident

August 2, 2010 By:
Russell Brand Injured in Car Accident

Russell Brand was reportedly left in a state of shock today after being hurt in a car accident.

According to the Daily Mirror, Brand was just finishing up shooting his latest movie “Arthur” at the time of the crash. The actor was leaving the set in his brand new $238,000 Lamborghini Superleggera when it was hit by a big truck.

Brand was stuck in the passenger’s seat, and was forced to climb out of the driver’s side door. Luckily, Russ only sustained minor injuries, but the car was left with thousands of dollars worth of damage.

An eyewitness says, "The whole incident was pretty terrifying," a source said. "Russell was very shaken. He refused to go to A&E [the emergency room] despite severe bruising on his arm and cuts. He's gutted, as he'd only just taken loan of the car."

The last thing he should be worrying about is that car! We know it’s expensive and everything, but the fact that he’s ok after a car crash is way more important!

We’re glad he’s ok!