Russell Brand Hoping for a "Happier" Year

January 3, 2012 By:
Russell Brand Hoping for a

Russell Brand had a very sad New Years resolution. He just wants to be "happier."

Awww, I kind of feel bad for the guy, in the same way I feel bad for kittens that get stuck in the rain and movies where horses get hurt.

Post-divorce announcement, Russell Brand has taken on a very injured-animal look about him, and I just feel so bad for the sap.

Days after Brand and Katy Perry announced that they had split, the couple celebrate New Year's Eve on opposite ends of the world.

Brand spent New Years in London at the Savoy Hotel and when a hotel guest wished him a Happy New Year, Brand sadly replied, "Here's hoping it gets happier," according to the UK's Daily Mirror.

While Brand was raising a toast to happiness in 2012, Katy was ringing in the New Year with pals in Hawaii. One of her friends tweeted at Katy Perry on New Years Day calling their vacation the "last day in Paradise."

Brand and Perry's relationship didn't exactly get off on great footing. Immediately after they got married, Katy Perry went on a whirlwind 122-date world tour. If you factor in traveling and appearances to promote fragrances or whatever, they probably only spent 1/3 of the year together. Too bad, I thought these two were going to last forever. Just Kidding.

I already can't wait for Katy Perry to date Bradley Cooper or whatever eligible bachelor is single at the time their divorce is finalized. Fingers crossed its Ryan Gosling!