Russell Brand Hits Man With Car, Gets Sued

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Russell Brand Hits Man With Car, Gets Sued
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Russell Brand is being sued by some random pedestrian who claims that the actor ran into him with his car.

Maybe the pedestrian is confusing him for Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes? All three kind of look the same if you squint real hard.

The pedestrian says that Russell hit him earlier this year, but he is just now filing the lawsuit.

In the court documents, the guy says that he suffered personal injury, property damage and hospital bills due to Brand driving “negligently.”

Apparently this all happened back in January and now the pedestrian is suing for $25,000.

Damn! How fast was Russell going and why did he not remember doing $25,000 worth of damage to this guy back in January? That’s not exactly a Lindsay-Lohan-Hit-And-Run-At-NYC-Club, that’s some serious medical bills.

Knowing Russell he’ll probably end up paying for everything ‘a la his “throwing iPhone case.”

Remember that? Remember when Russell Brand through a paparazzo’s iPhone through a window in the name of Steve Jobs? And then Russell repaired the damage and posted bail and did community service.