Russell Brand Has Moved On From Katy Perry With A Mystery Woman

February 15, 2012 By:
Russell Brand Has Moved On From Katy Perry With A Mystery Woman

No Tim Tebow for Katy Perry, but it looks like Russell Brand has moved on.

Over the weekend, Brand reportedly had a new, pretty brunette woman taken back to his Los Angeles home. The two took in a date at The Largo Theatre, and then they drove back to his place afterward.

Brand then dropped her home the next morning (could've been worse, he could've called her a cab 'Jersey Shore' style) and kissed her after she got out of his car.
"Russell is a single man again and starting to move on from Katy," a source told The Sun. "Like any bloke, he had missed female company. He isn't quite back to his old ways yet, but he's very much back in the saddle."

Meanwhile, despite rumors that they're dating, Tim Tebow has assured the world that he hasn't shown Katy Perry his peacock.

On Monday Tim met with 100 children at the Challengers Boys & Girls Club in South Los Angeles to promote reading and share his own struggle with dyslexia. Sometime in between doing that, he made sure to tell the kids he wasn't banging Perry.

Apparently, one little kid asked if he "has a thing" with her, and Tim chuckled and said, no, he doesn't.

Katy has reportedly been preparing her material for her next album. Her co-writer Bonnie McKee told MTV: "She's going through some major life changes, so it's not all about bubble gum and fun; it's real and it's deep and she has a lot to say. So I think people are anxious to hear it."