Russell Brand Gets Arrested

September 17, 2010 By:
Russell Brand Gets Arrested

Update: Russell Brand has been taken into custody after the paparazzi made a citizens arrest against him at LAX. The cops interviewed him at the scene then took him into custody and he is currently being booked for battery.

Russell Brand may be spending the night in jail tonight. According to TMZ, he attacked a photographer at LAX today.

According to the report, Brand and his fiancé Katy Perry were going through security at the Delta terminal in Los Angeles, when he began pushing the paparazzi who were taking pictures of them.

Sources tell TMZ the cops were called to the scene, and were overheard saying they were going to arrest Brand.

That sort of puts the kibosh on wherever he and Katy were going for the weekend! These photographers are getting awfully pesky these days—first Adam Lambert, and now Russell!

Stay tuned for details to come…

UPDATE: According to X17Online, Brand complained to cops that the paparazzi were trying to get upskirt shots of Katy.

A photog on the scene says, "This is completely not true. We were doing regular walking shots as Katy and Russell walked into the airport. I can't believe he'd lie to the cops like that."

As for the beat-down, Russell reportedly used karate-style moves while attacking photographers at LAX. Sources on scene say that at least five photographers were pushed by the actor during the incident.