Russell Brand Faces Ban From the States

September 20, 2010 By:
Russell Brand Faces Ban From the States

Russell Brand got more than he bargained for when he went to LAX over the weekend with his fiancé Katy Perry.

A photog got a little too close for comfort and Russell gave him a good shove. He was arrested and now faces a ban from the states!

A spokesman for US Citizen and Immigration Services told The Mirror, "A charge of battery could result in a conviction for an aggravated felony. Any kind of criminal conviction can lead to a visa being revoked. If a visa is revoked, the person will then be placed in deportation proceedings and this could lead to them being asked to leave the country and not return."

Russell also tweeted about what it was like for him on the inside: "Thanks for your sweet messages of support. After the tips I picked up in chokey I'm an infinitely more proficient criminal."

While Russell was dealing with the drama that comes with getting arrested, his bride to be Katy was in Vegas with good pal Rihanna celebrating her bachelorette party.

Guess they both didn't think too much of the arrest.