Russell Brand Exclaims 'England Needs A Revolution!'

June 27, 2012 By:

Russell Brand’s job title is technically “comedian” but I’m starting to feel like this guy is some kind of UK spy planted in Hollywood to stir sh-t up!

Brand appeared on Conan Tuesday night and talked about the Queen of England’s recent Diamond Jubilee that Russell says “sounds like not a real thing,” before joking in mock horror, “It’s a Diamond Jubilee, where!? I’ll karate chop it on the neck.”

Then Brand laments on how everyone in the UK gets excited for the Diamond Jubilee when they spend the rest of the year not really caring about the Queen.

“It’s hypocritical, isn’t it? It’s time for a bloody revolution,” says Brand. “It only takes one to chop off someone’s head.”

Uhh, should Conan have called in extra security for this interview?

If you follow Russell Brand’s career closely (and I do) you’ll know that he uses nearly every interview as a way to push his incredibly liberal political platform.

“People need to have things to celebrate otherwise we realize that we are oppressed and unable to express ourselves freely because we are at the behest of all these corporate entities,” says Russell, “So yeah, have a party to distract us from the fact that we’re being tyrannized, why not?”

On this, Conan was at a loss for words and cut to a commercial break with Brand screaming, “don’t buy these products!”

Oh also, because I think this quote is funny, here’s Russell Brand addressing the rumors that he was going to yoga with Charlie Sheen.

“If one thing were to be guaranteed to ruin yoga, it would be the presence of Charlie Sheen.”