Russell Brand Attacked by Tattooed Penis

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Russell Brand Attacked by Tattooed Penis
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Try and make sense of this headline. Just try, I dare you.

Russell Brand headed to Australia when a man ran onstage and whipped out his tattooed penis. I guess you could say he had a run in with a penis when he headed down under…If you catch my drift, and I think you do, I wasn’t being very subtle about it. #NoHomo

The stage crasher apparently wanted Russell to admire the artwork on his manhood. Pretty standard stuff, you guys.

Russell is currently in Melbourne, Australia on his “I Am A Walrus” comedy tour when he tweeted, “Melbourne! When a show begins with a drunk gently assaulting you with his tattooed penis you know you’re in for a good gig. #IAmAWalrus”

So that’s normal.

Russell was asking for it. Before the show, he tweeted at the audience, “Tonight at Rod Laver Cathedral, through our mingling oestrogen and testosterone, we’ll awaken the drowsy gods in our knickers. #IAmAWalrus.”

Well, he got what he was asking for.