Russell Brand Asks Parliament to Take It Easy on Drug Users

April 24, 2012 By:
Russell Brand Asks Parliament to Take It Easy on Drug Users

With all the Katy Perry news, we’ve found ourselves googling Russell Brand to see what the comedian is up to. It turns out he’s in Parliament.

The comedian made an appearance Tuesday in front of the Home Affairs Committee of England’s legislative body, currently re-examining their drug policy.

“There needs to be love and compassion,” Brand told members of Parliament.

Brand was vibrant and passionate in a black tank top in a room full of suits. He described drug addiction as a “health matter” and made the claim that it should be treated as such, rather than judicially and criminally.

Citing similar trials in countries like Portugal, Brand - who has previously suffered from heroine addiction - said that discriminalizing drugs could actually help in some aspects.

But before you go planning your next Spring Break to England, there are no plans to turn the UK into the next Amsterdam just let. Even Brand was opposed to the idea of a “wacky free for all.”

As a previous user, Brand did not feel qualified to make a claim as to whether drugs should be completely legal or not. He did, however, feel it is more important that addiction be treated as a social issue.

According to Brand, resources currently dedicated to policing drugs could prove more beneficial if aimed at education and treatment.

"As a drug addict, the legal status (of a drug) is an irrelevance," he told Parliament, speaking from his experience of being arrested 12 times himself. "At best it is an inconvenience."

The House Affairs Committee will continue to hear claims from both sides of the fence concerning drug legislation as part of a comprehensive study.

For now, the current law stands. Keep your hash hidden, kids.