Russell Brand Asks For Lindsay Lohan's Phone Number

October 30, 2012 By:
Russell Brand Asks For Lindsay Lohan's Phone Number

Russell Brand knows a thing or two about drugs and women. Actually he knows a lot about both those things because he went to rehab for drug and sex addiction and that basically makes you a professional at it.

Now sober Russell MC’d the Friendly House LA Awards Luncheon Gala over the weekend - Friendly House is the oldest women’s recovery home in the US for women suffering from alcoholism and drug abuse.

So we’re talking to Russell Brand about women and rehab and we can’t help but think about Lindsay Lohan.

Russell Brand had this message to relay to Lindsay about drugs/alcohol/hit-and-runs etc., “If I did have [advice] I’d give it to her directly. ‘Lindsay, I don’t suppose you got a phone or anything?'"

Russell also talks about the relationship between fame and drug addiction, “It doesn’t matter if they’re in the limelight or not unless they’re limelight addicts.”

And then Russell gives some interesting advice to those famous faces that aren’t addicts, “If they don’t have a problem with drugs or alcohol they should drink a lot and take lots of drugs and enjoy themselves.”

We REALLY hope he’s joking. Kids, this part of the interview is what they warn you about in school during the “Don’t Do Drugs” pep rally.

But in all seriousness, Russell is a huge advocate for abstinence recovery programs, “If people have problems with drugs or alcohol, they should try abstinence based recovery one day at a time. Friendly House takes women with drug and alcohol problems and look after them even if they ain’t go no money.”