Russell Brand and Katy Perry: Latex Please!

June 22, 2010 By:
Russell Brand and Katy Perry: Latex Please!

We've been hearing so much about Russell Brand and Katy Perry's wedding that we're sort of over it.

At this point we will be upset if we don't receive an invitation because we feel like "that friend" that had to be there for the entire planning process.

The latest is that the two want to be different so they've decided to wear latex outfits to their wedding.

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A friend revealed: “Russell and Katy have both got wicked sense of humours and are big fans of Lady Gaga. They wanted unique outfits and no one dresses like her anywhere in the civilized world...the wedding will certainly be different.”

So they couple has reportedly hit up Atsuko Kudo, who designed Lady Gaga's red latex nun’s outfit in her ‘Alejandro’ video to design their Latex outfits.

Katy has previously revealed that her wedding dress is going to be very daring and Russell has promised that his outfit will be very shocking as well.

He said: "I think it would be unfair to say this day is all about me.
"I'm going to wear a tuxedo and a top hat with no pants and I'm going to paint my penis with lipstick. This is her day. It's not about those mental images."

We can't wait for these two to get married!