It's A Sex Fest At Olympic Village And Russell Brand Wants In On The Action

August 9, 2012 By:

As the Olympics move out of the popular categories (swimming/track & field) and into the boring ones (table tennis/horseback riding) we’re left wondering what kind of Olympic talk to latch onto.

Uhh, did you see those skinny Russian guys playing ping pong? Eh. Olympians are having tons of sex behind the scenes of the Athletes village!? Tell me more!

An anonymous former Olympic runner in his 30’s revealed A LOT about what’s really going down when the races are over.

“Sex is all part of the Olympic Spirit. The International Olympic Committee wouldn’t say that, but it is, you can’t shy away from it. Why do you think they give away so many condoms?” says the athlete.

He says that a ton of the volunteers go up to athletes in the village asking to “Can I see your room” which is code for “Can I see your room?”

He also admitted that once when he needed a massage for medical reasons he ended up getting a different kind of massage from the masseuse if you catch my drift.

So anyway, the Olympians are going at it like rabbits and UK comedian Russell Brand has joked that he can’t get to London quick enough!

“I'm heading home after hearing all the Olympians are bonking each other's brains out. I'm getting a piece of that action,” Russell joked during his show "Brand X."
“I'll climb a fence if they don't let me in. You'll probably see me in the newspaper, arrested for trying to break in there."

It’s true, Russell is something of a sexaholic, maybe he’ll be cured in the Athletes village.

The only current Olympian to talk candidly about the sex fest happening at the Olympics is soccer star Hope Solo who once told ESPN, “I've seen people having sex right out in the open. On the grass, between buildings, people are getting down and dirty."