Taylor Armstrong Discovered Russell's Body

August 17, 2011 By:
Taylor Armstrong Discovered Russell's Body

Details are beginning to emerge around the tragic suicide of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Russell Armstrong. According to TMZ, Armstrong's estranged wife, Taylor Armstrong, was at his home when the body was discovered.

Sources close to Taylor reveal that the two were still communicating and were supposed to meet Monday afternoon. After he didn’t show up and Taylor learned that none of his friends or family members had heard from him, she began to grow concerned. She then started calling and texting Russell but received no response.

Taylor and a friend then went to the home where Russell was staying. The owner of the home was on the property, and the owner peered in Russell's bedroom window where they saw Armstrong hanging, lifeless.

The owner then called 911, and when police showed up, Russell was declared dead at 8:16 PM. Sources say Taylor believes Russell had been dead for hours and stayed at the home for hours after the body was found.

A friend close to Russell tells Us Weekly, "He was so angry about everything. But never did anyone suspect he would kill himself."
The friend continues that "He had lost everything. Taylor, his daughter [Kennedy, 5], he was being sued. He felt totally out of control of his own life. Everything was spinning out of control."

Another friend describes Russell as being "in shambles".

"Russell was dealing with a heavy amount of emotional and familial distress," the source says.

The couple divorced a month ago, and Russell and Taylor were being sued by MyMedicalRecords.com, who allege that the couple scammed investors out of $1.5 million.

Before the divorce, the couple "did finally start counseling but it only helped minimally...It was just a very, very unhealthy relationship."
Two weeks ago, Taylor discussed her decision to leave Russell:

"I'm healing. I still feel a sense of loss. But I'm so focused on my daughter right now and trying to keep her life as consistent as possible."

She and Russell were apparently on amicable terms, as Taylor explained they were "amicable, especially when it comes to our child and visitation. We're trying to be the best parents we can to her."

Since the tragedy, sources tell TMZ that Bravo has cancelled their shooting schedule and has instead called a meeting for the entire cast. A rep for Bravo denies the meeting, but sources insist the network has told them not to discuss Armstrong's suicide publically.