Russell Armstrong's Family Suspects He Was Murdered

September 9, 2011 By:
Russell Armstrong's Family Suspects He Was Murdered

Less than a month after Russell Armstrong's suicide, his family is tossing around allegations that he was murdered.

Armstrong's mother, John Ann Hotchkiss, told Us Weekly, "We want a murder investigation. We will do whatever is necessary to proceed."

At this point, Bravo just needs to pull out of this franchise. I'm not saying they're responsible for anything, but this whole tragedy has become such a clusterf-ck, pulling out would be the most logical thing to do to protect their image. Plus, there are plenty of other housewives in the country to exploit. How about the Real Housewives of Beancrock, Texas? Anything is better than continuing on with this.

Hotchkiss says she knows that her son was "feeling a little overwhelmed because of finances," but says he was never suicidal.

"Russell was personable and warm and had a giving heart more than anyone I have ever known," she said. "He cared about people, and loved his children almost to a fault. Knowing him as a person and how he valued life, I don't think he would do this,” she said.

And beyond just a murder, Hotchkiss says the whole family thinks there's some conspiracy behind it:

"The general consensus of everyone we know who loved and knew Russell," she explained, is that "he was murdered and there was a set up."

She isn't outrightly blaming Bravo, but she does say,

"We think someone conspired to have him murdered and it is open to who did it."

And Russell's mother still thinks reality TV is to blame for the failed marriage:

"If they hadn't been signed up for the show, I honestly believe in the bottom of my heart they would still be together."

And speaking of the marriage, Taylor Armstrong allegedly has a book deal inked, according to And the book is set to include details—including photos—of her alleged abuse from Russell. Of course.

“Taylor’s acting like she’s not trying to bank off Russell’s suicide, but by including photos of her injuries after he allegedly beat her, that’s exactly what she’ll be doing,” an insider said. "It’s no secret that Taylor’s been strapped for cash since Russell died, and since she hasn’t received the advance on her book yet, a few of the Housewives have been helping her out financially.”

What I don't understand in all this is how the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills franchise can tackle such massive, grave issues—but the biggest drama on the New York one was that Jill didn't bring enough wine to a party for Ramona.